Business overdraft

Business overdraft is very loan instrument for your business!

Business overdraft allows you receiving the funds, within the boundaries of the predetermined limit, necessary for covering the current expenses of your business, like salaries, customs clearance, taxes, payments to suppliers, etc.

The mentioned loan product implies that the negative balance, within the boundaries of the predetermined limit, will be allowed at your company’s account, i.e. you will be able to spend more than you have on the account.

Business overdraft is issued by the simplified procedure.

Maximum amount of the loan 40,000 USD
Term of the loan 1-3 months
Currency GEL, USD, EUR
Repayment schedule Free (utilization of the approved limit is done by the discretion of the client, while repayment is done automatically, immediately upon the amount arrives to the account)
Purpose Operating assets
  • Business overdraft up to USD 40,000 and for the term under 90 days can be issued without financial analyses of the business and without collateral;
  • The overderafts above 40,000 can be issued on basis of the financial analyses and collateral (quick assets)

Advantages of business overdraft:

  • Utilization / repayment of the funds is possible in accordance with your needs, any time, without prior approval of the bank;
  • Minimisation of interest rate expenses, because you are utilising the resource only when and in the amount your business needs. The funds arriving to your account are automatically directed for the rapyament of the overdraft, without any additional commission.
  • Business activities of the loanee shall be in compliance with the country’s legislation and shall not contradict with the funding policies of the Bank;
  • The business shall be operating for at least last six months.
  • In order to receive the business overdraft, you shall have the functioning current account in VTB Bank.

For the additional information please apply the nearest branch of the Bank,