Agriculture-7th Grant Component

Given credit finances creation of a new enterprise/rehabilitation of an idle enterprise for processing of agricultural goods. The credit implies allocation of a government grant, financing 40% of the design project.
Interest rate From 11%. The state program is co-financing 11% of this interest rate.
Maximum amount of loan Up to USD 500,000 (equivalent in GEL)
Currency GEL/USD
Term of loan 1-84 months
Repayment schedule Equal / unequal monthly installments
Maximum allowance period* 24 months
Purpose Fixed / operating assets
Collateral Quick assets

* The Grace Period is determined on the basis of your business`s specificities.

Agriculture - Advantages of the 7th Grant Component:

  • Long-term loan for purchase of fixed assets for the agricultural processing field + up to 60 month credit for working capital;
  • The possibility of determining a long-term Grace Period gives an opportunity to custom-fit credit repayment schedule with characteristics of your business, namely seasonality;
  • Use of the Agriculture-7th Grant Component implies government co-founding with a grant, which is the 40% of the total project cost;
  • Besides, The State Program also co-finances interest rate of the borrower by 11%. This means, that if you have a 11% interest rate loan at the VTB Bank and you are honestly fulfilling your obligations, your annual interest rate is reduced by 11% and equals 0%!
  • The borrower must have decision of the Agricultural Project management Agency`s Grant Committee on counterpart funding from the agency;
  • For receiving a credit, borrower`s financial participation in the project must be no less than 10%.

For the additional information please apply the nearest branch of the Bank.