Services Office Premium Banking

  • (995) 32 224-24-24

  • Central Branch
    14, G. Chanturia St., 0108
  • Vake Branch
    2, I. Chavchavadze Ave., 0179
  • Saburtalo Branch
    24a, Pekin St., 0160
  • Tsereteli Branch
    67, A. Tsereteli Ave., 0154
  • Batumi Branch
    21, L. Asatiani St., 6000
  • Zugdidi Branch
    31, Z. Gamsakhurdia Ave., 2100

Premium Banking

Our Premium Banking offers you personalized service and exclusive banking products with special rates.

Premium Banker

  • Assist you in your day-to day banking operations
  • Provide you with information about broad list of personal banking products and services
  • Offer advice regarding long-term financial planning
  • Respond to your telephone queries 24/7
  • Provide you with professional banking support
  • Provide you with a comprehensive range of personal banking services

Premium Banking Private Consultation Zones

Specially equipped private consultation zones for prestigious, private, comfortable, exclusive and secure service.


The card was created especially for out Premium Banking clients. The Card highlights your special status and complements your active lifestyle.

The main characteristics of the VISA PLATINUM:

  • Period-4 years
  • Multicurrency account in 5 currencies
  • Interest accrued to a positive balance
  • No commission when withdrawing cash at ATMs of VTB Bank and its partner banks or paying at retail outlets in Georgia and abroad
  • High limit of cash withdrawal

Insurance Products

You are given an opportunity to enjoy the auto, property and travel insurance products on special conditions. Insurance is provided by "IC Group"

Premium Programs


Airport SpeedPass

Insurance and Consulting Programs

Global Customer Assistance Service

Special Offers

VISA Discount Program for PLATINUM cardholders in Georgia