Online Credit

Need money urgently? 

Apply for Online Credit anytime 24/7, fill in the application form and get a loan of up to 300 GEL in exactly 5 seconds.

Online Credit now available for non-payroll clients!

Interest rate 0%
Effective interest rate from annual 99%
Minimum loan amount 50 GEL
Maximum loan amount 300 GEL
Loan term 30 days (with automatic prolongation)
Loan currency GEL
Commission for loan issuance / prolongation   5.5%
Redemption penalty

Fill in the application form and get needed amount in exactly 5 seconds

In order to receive credit you may also apply for the following measures:


Online Credit advantages:

  • The quickest and easiest loan service;
  • Extra money when needed;
  • You will have an opportunity to use loan in 5 seconds after sending the application;
  • You can use the loan within 24 hours any day of the week.

Payroll clients:

  • Minimum monthly salary 400 GEL
  • Salary for at least three months
Non-payroll clients:

  • Outstanding loan in VTB Bank
  • No overdue loan for the past four months