For legal entities

Save your time by simplified car buying procedure

Bank VTB offers express Auto loans for legal entities. Purchase new car per 1 day by simplified procedure, providing minimum documentation.

Loan currency GEL, USD, EUR
Interest rate 16% in GEL
15% in USD
13% in EUR
Effective interest rate From 22.58% in GEL
From 21.76% in USD
From19.49% in EUR
Loan term 3-60 months
Contribution by customer From 30%
Upfront Commission fee
Redemption penalty
0% - 1%
Insurance 3% (first 6 months for a gift)
Collateral The purchased car


  • Quick Auto Loan is approved within 40 minutes
  • The loan is approved directly at the shop
  • The loan is issued only on basis of presentation of your ID
  • The interest rate of the quick loan starts from 0%
  • The car is insured at the lowest rate directly on the spot
  • All the costs connected with the purchase of car are financed by VTB Bank

The Quick Auto Loan can be received at the following partner car dealers