Savings Card

Savings card enables you to easily accumulate money on your banking card in several currencies simultaneously, receive high interest and freely dispose of your savings. 

Card type
MasterCard Standard
Card currency
Card validity
4 years
Account servicing 10 GEL annually
First minimum deposition 40 units in card`s currency
Interest accrual monthly  

Annual interest rate on the daily balance

6% 2% 1%

Card issuing and servicing  
Issuing card
Additional card issuing
10 GEL
Urgent card issuing
Card issuing fee + 15 GEL    
Restoring card (forgotten PIN, damaged or lost card, etc) 5 GEL
Accrual on the non-sanctioned overdrafting
0.1% on daily basis
Encashment in ATM  
In partner bank ATM*
0.5%, min. 0.5 GEL 
In other bank ATM
2%, min. 6 GEL, 3.5 USD/EUR 
In ATM of VTB Group abroad**
0.5%, min. 0.5 GEL/USD/EUR 
Encashment at the Bank  
In VTB Bank 0.2%, min. 1 GEL/USD
In other bank
2%, min. 6 GEL, 3.5 USD/EUR
Daily encashment limit
In VTB Bank
In other bank
20 000 /equivalent
In any ATMs
2 000 /equivalent
Currency conversion Commercial exchange rate of the bank
Cashless settlement
Transfer Impermissible    
Internet transactions Impermissible  
Transactions via POS-terminals of trade and service facilities Impermissible  
Including the card into the Stop-list
50 USD per week
Change of PIN code
* TBC Bank, Halykbank, BasisBank,Finka Bank, Caucasus Development Bank-Georgia
** Tariff is active in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia

Means of depositions to the card account

VTB Bank (Georgia) offers you various means for depositions:

Advantages of the Savings Card:

  • Money accumulation is available in GEL, USD and EUR simultaneously
  • Disposal of savings is possible via banking card
  • Card issuing and account opening is free of charge
  • Any balance on the account is accrued interest monthly
  • Additional depositions are available any time and in any volume
  • Currency conversion is permitted

Conditions of the Savings Card