Growing/Salary Deposit

Growing deposit is an exact banking analogue of very well known to all of us money-box. You are just collecting money, until it reaches the desirable amount. Opening growing deposit you have not to preliminarily agree the frequency or amount of depositing, you just start saving and finish it whenever you decide.

Opening a deposit account free
Currency of deposit GEL/USD/EUR
Minimum amount 10 units
Maximum interest 10%
Term of deposit 6-24 months
Interest withdrawal monthly, at the end of the term

If interest yield is cashed on monthly basis, rates set for paying yield at the end of term shall be reduced by - 0.5% for deposits in GEL, and - 0.20% for deposits in foreign currency. 

Annual interest at the end of the term

Term (month) GEL USD EUR
6-8 8.5% 1.75%  -
9-11 9% 2.25% 1.25%
12-14 9.5% 2.75% 1.25%
15-17 9.60% 2.75% 1.25%
18-20 9.75% 3% 1.5%
21-23 9.85% 3.15% 1.65%
24 10% 3.25% 1.75%


  • Opening deposit is free of charge
  • Deposit can be in GEL / USD / EUR
  • High interest rate will be applied
  • The accrued interest can be withdrawn at the end of the term or monthly
  • You choose the term at your desire
  • You can use loan with deposit collateral